Tim Fu


Tim Fu founded our London-based practice Studio Tim Fu in 2023, during the emergence of AI design technologies after his career at Zaha Hadid Architects. He studied at the Toronto Metropolitan University and Architectural Association (hons) with a specialization in advanced computation and biomimicry. As a pioneering force in integrating AI into architecture and construction, Tim has become a prominent voice on Generative AI in design. He leads workshops and speaks at conferences worldwide, sharing insights and innovations that redefine the architectural landscape. At Studio Tim Fu, he leads a diverse team of architects and technologists, dedicated to creating unprecedented workflows and forward-thinking designs in the wake of AI. His ongoing projects around the globe continue to push the boundaries of architectural practice, embracing the transformative power of AI.

Georgia Mills

Executive Assistant to Tim Fu

Georgia Mills has joined Studio Tim Fu since 2024 and is an accomplished Executive Assistant with a specialised focus on supporting creatives. With extensive experience in providing top-tier administrative support to artists, architects, and entrepreneurs, Georgia has honed her skills across both the UK and UAE. Her background includes managing complex schedules, strategic communications, and facilitating seamless operations, ensuring that her clients can focus on their creative work.

Rada Daleva

Project Lead

Rada has joined Studio Tim Fu since 2024 and is leading the design team on various projects in Europe, Middle-East, and North America. She is specialized in AI research, computational design, and project management.


Lead Researcher

Marco has joined Studio Tim Fu since 2024 and is leading STF Labs, computational research department of Studio Tim Fu. He is an experienced technologist and researcher specialized in AI, machine learning and computational design research.


Lead Architect (ARB)

Disha Varshney


Allen Chan


Nerea Equsquizaga


Kings Ativie


Dominic Wood